Your Philosophy + Our Technology = More Clients + Increased Profit

Discover A Simple 3-Step System For Converting More Clients, Improving Client Results & Earn More Per Hour Using Our Profit-Making 

*Custom Nutrition Software Platform. 

Discover A Simple 3-Step System For Converting More Clients, Improving Client Results & Earn More Per Hour Using Our Profit-Making 

*Custom Nutrition Software Platform. 

*Developed Exclusively for Nutrition, Wellness, Medical & Fitness Professionals!

You’re about to discover a Profit Making System and Proprietary Software Platform designed for health and wellness professionals that can be used with ANY nutrition philosophy. We will reveal a simple 3 step process to attract more prospects… convert more leads… earn more from each client… intelligent tracking… faster better results and way more referrals.

The Software & Training Has Helped Our Clients:

Attract and Convert More Prospects into Clients

Earn More Per Hour Than Your Competition

Use the What Works® Custom Nutrition Software™ as a Powerful Sales & Referral Tool

 Create Custom Meal Plans with just TWO Clicks of the Mouse

With a Smarter Way to Track Results

Produce Stunning Reports and Charts to Forecast & Track Client Results

Start their very Own Nutrition Coaching Business in under 30 Days with our Fast Start Plan!

Note:  Our Software and Marketing Methods Work with ANY Nutrition Philosophy or Approach.

Get Ahead of Your Competition and 

Take Your Nutrition Business to the Next Level!

*Comes Complete with Online Training, Live Business Training and Online Certification*

Learn More About the 

What Works® Custom Nutrition Software™ 

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Demo Slots Are Very Valuable. Please DO NOT Schedule A Demo If:

  • You are NOT a Professional in the Health & Fitness Industry - unless you are considering a career as a Nutrition Coach
  • You are a Tire Kicker - we'll respect your time if you respect ours.  These time slots are reserved for Professionals who are SERIOUS about making more money.
  • You're NOT willing to make a small investment of time and money in Training and Software to Make More Money.

Demo Slots Are Very Valuable. Please Schedule A Demo If:

  • You ARE a Professional in the Health & Fitness Industry, and interested in Attracting More Clients, Earning More Per Hour and Increasing Your Referral Business.
  • You're willing to make a Small Investment of Time and Money in Training and Software to Make More Money and Get Ahead of Your Competition IF you like what we have to show you.
  • You're Considering Adding Nutrition Coaching or Starting a Lucrative Career in Nutrition Coaching in the next 6 months.
Stephanie Gillam, Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist

Your Program Has Completely Transformed My Business!

In just a matter of 3 weeks, I was able to grow my business from one client, to over 25 clients. Not only is the software producing results for my business, it is changing the lives of my clients. Many clients are seeing huge results withing the first two weeks. My clients are losing on average 4 – 7.5 pounds every 2 weeks and upwards of 2-5% body fat. But what excites me the most is that they are learning new habits that are going to stay with them for life. These are the kind of changes that impact people forever and create a lasting, successful business. Thank you for providing the tools I needed to help my clients reach their full potential.


Stephanie Gillam, B.S., M.B.A.

Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist

AFAA Certified Personal Trainer

AFAA Certified Group Exercise Instructor

Runners Edge SMART Pacing Team

CFNS Stephanie Gillam

Deep Dive Into Why The What Works® Custom Nutrition Software™ Will Help You Maximize Results, Increase Profits And Is The Best Investment You’ll Ever Make… Guaranteed!

Your Nutrition Philosophy

Differentiate from other nutrition consultants, by showing your prospect a science-based, higher caliber experience.

Higher Client Conversion

Add nutrition consulting to your existing services.

Full training and (optional) certification included.

Income Maximizer

Consultants earn more per hour than product sellers and most coaches. With the software you’ll be better perceived as a professional consultant be able to increase your hourly rates / service rates.

Time Leverage

Consultants earn more per hour than product sellers and most coaches. With the software you’ll be better perceived as a professional consultant be able to increase your hourly rates / service rates.

Custom Meal Planning

Custom design meal plans (diets) for your clients. Using your own Nutrition Philosophy, or implement ours: Based on Science, Designed for the Individual.

Nutrition Modifier

(Click & Choose)

Intelligent nutrition calculator allows you to easily swap food choices and tells your client what quantity to eat. Gives them the ability to "click & choose" different food options on the fly while remaining true to your specifications/philosophy.

Forecasting, Tracking & Reporting

Our software provides you and your clients with goal forecasting, & detailed tracking graphs/data & quality reports.

Accelerated Results

Clients encouraged to follow the system and thus see better faster results and more likely to recommend your services to others.

Fitness Impact Science

Account for impact of fitness on nutritional goals. Entire library of caloric expenditure of sports and exercises expressed in Kcal/Kg/Hr pre-loaded into the software, plus ability to add custom exercises as needed.

Who Is The Software Right For?

  •   Nutrition Consultants & Coaches
  •   Fitness Trainers
  •   Medical Professionals (such as Bariatric Doctors)
  •   Health & Wellness Professionals (Chiropractors, Massage Therapists)
  •   Registered Dietitians
  •   Supplement Stores
  •   Meal Planners
  •   Network Marketing Professionals

9 Pivotal Reasons Why You Should Consider Using the Best Nutrition Software:


1) Higher Client Conversions (use to enroll more clients)


2) Income Maximizer (higher income per client per half hour).


3) Time Leverage (expand outside a per hour earning limitation.


4) CUSTOM Meal Planning (create CUSTOM Meal Plans for your clients)


5) Nutrition Modifier (easy food swaps to maintain correct balance, "EZ Click & Choose" technology).


6) Optimal Forecasting & Tracking (detailed forecasting & tracking of results).


7) Accelerated Results (clients see better, faster results so you get more clients).


8) Fitness Impact Science (account for impact of fitness on nutritional goals).


9) System Integration (works with your nutrition system or philosophy).

Note:  Our Software & Marketing Methods Work With ANY Nutrition Philosophy or Approach

What We Will Share With You During the 20-Minute Demo

  •   How to use the software as a Powerful Sales and Referral Tool.
  •   How you can Customize the Software to Match Your Nutritional Approach.
  •   How to Track your Clients' Results and Improve Their Results.

PLUS, We'll Also Share Some Of The Strategies We Have Taught Our Clients To:

  •   Attract & Retain More Clients.
  •   Use Positive Influence to Capture Their Interest.
  •   Maximize Your Revenue Potential Using The Software As a Powerful Sales &      Referral   Tool.

ABSolutely The Best!

3 years ago I decided to add a Nutrition component to my existing Personal Training business. I decided to go with their program and software which is Science-Based, Fact-Based and supported by top fitness professionals. This program is easy to follow, easy to understand and focused on Custom Nutrition programs based on the Individual. ABSolutely the Best Investment in my company!

The floodgates have opened... Thanks to the Mentoring of Lucho & Lisa, I've opened a 2nd location and attracting the right clients that like learning about nutrition and are not afraid to pay for it.

Thanks Guys,

Morris Larson, CFNS

ABSolute Fitness & Performance

Learn More About the

What Works® Custom Nutrition Software™

and Watch a LIVE Software Demo...

(Please allow 20-30 minutes)

Who Designed What Works® Custom Nutrition Software™?

The ‘What Works® Custom Nutrition Software™’ was developed by Lucho and Lisza Crisalle, they have over 50 years of combined experience in the nutrition and fitness industry. Both have been competitive body builders and have inspired thousands towards a journey of fitness and healthier eating.

Lucho Crisalle holds a degree in Food Science & Human Nutrition with a minor in Exercise Kinesiology, and Lisza Crisalle holds a degree in Exercise Physiology along with an Bachelor of Science in Business Administration & Marketing. 

In early 1997 Lucho searched for a nutrition software that would give him total control and not have him be subject to someone else's nutrition philosophy. After years of searching and being unable to find anything close to suitable, they designed their software using Microsoft Excel at its initial platform. From 1997 through 2011 they tested their software with thousands of Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialists, Personal Trainers, Doctors and Dietitians who in turn tested it with tens of thousands of their clients and patients. Lucho & Lisza then stepped into the world of software development in 2011 and thus began their journey down the rabbit hole. 

In early 2012, hundreds of thousands of dollars, countless hours and hair pulling later, they launched their software and continue to add features and updates regularly as the industry and needs of their customers evolve. 

They have dedicated their lives to help their fellow professionals move from struggle to survival to thriving in the health, fitness, wellness and nutrition industries. 


Nutrition That Works!

As a Max Muscle Franchisee, I depend on the software to set ourselves apart from the other Supplement stores in the area. This software and business strategy has increased our foot traffic substantially and therefore increased our supplement sales in addition to the increased income from the Nutrition Counseling!

It is a win/win/win all around!


Corry Matthews, CFNS

NOVA Max Muscle Nutrition

Learn More About the

What Works® Custom Nutrition Software™

and Watch a LIVE Software Demo...

(Please allow 20-30 minutes)

11 Features That Make The What Works® Custom Nutrition Software™... Simply Put, "The Best"!


1. Custom Nutrition Programs (Meal Plans): You can create custom nutrition programs (diet) templates which allow you to assign a nutrition program to a client in just two clicks, as well as have employees assign plans based on YOUR Nutrition Philosophy. We have also provided some done for you (DFY) templates as well.


2. Private Label Branding: Change background color, logo, and custom URL: One time $175 set-up fee allows you to change branding as often as you like for life.


3. Multiple Employee License: Employer licensing available: purchase ONE license per store, and have multiple certified employees* working under your license. As an employer, YOU control your employees access to the software, you can re-assign clients from one employee to another, and you can change employee password and lock them out of the system if you choose to. *Employees must be certified by Exercise & Nutrition Works, Inc., otherwise there is a monthly fee for non ENW certified employees.


4. Multiple Device Access: Both you and your clients can access via ANY Internet connected device (iPhone, Android, PC, Tablet, Desktop, Laptop, etc).


5. Clients Can "Click & Chose": Once you create custom nutrition programs for your clients, clients have "click & choose" ability. Your clients can swap foods on the fly and stay within the same macronutrient recommendations - this helps you avoid daily calls from clients asking what they can and cannot eat.


6. Add Foods To Database: You can add foods to the database as needed. You have the ability to hide a specific food item from a specific client, or from all clients. As well as hide an entire food category from a specific client or from all clients. (For example, you can hide fruit juice from all clients so clients cannot choose that item, and you can hide all dairy products from lactose intolerant clients).


7. Add Special Foods & Supplements: You can add calorie yielding supplements (bars, protein powders, meal replacement, etc.) to nutrition programs as well as non-calorie yielding supplements (multivitamin, etc.). Software also has a Supplements page for non-caloric supplements: this shows your client what to take, how much and at what times as well as showing them how many bottles, boxes, etc. of each supplement they will need for the month. This virtually sells your supplements for you. (great for Supplement Stores and Network Marketing products).


8. Create Your Own Food Categories: You can create your own food categories. We understand that there are many different approaches and dietary preferences and philosophies. The food list is fully customizable to suite your food preferences, culture and region.


9. Easy Tracking & Reports: You can pull up "at a glance" graph and data that CLEARLY shows your clients their results and changes in body weight, body composition (body fat percentage), pounds of fat mass and pounds of lean mass from visit to visit as well as from day one to any visit. Body composition can be entered and measured based on 8 Different methods. Show your clients positive results even when weight goes up by showing them loss of body fat and increase of lean mass on graphs.


10. Embed Sites: You can upgrade to be able to embed one or two personal websites into our software so that your clients can access your YouTube channel, membership site, shopping cart, etc. without leaving the software. Embed one site for $5.95 per month, or two for $59.95 per year.


11. Right Pricing Plan For You: One monthly or yearly fee with no limits or increases in pricing based on number of clients. Most all other software programs bill you based on number of clients. The more clients you have, the more money that goes in your pocket, not ours!

Learn More About the

What Works® Custom Nutrition Software™

and Watch a LIVE Software Demo...

(Please allow 20-30 minutes)

What Works Custom Nutrition Software

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